Our Golf League Program  is a full-featured program that is straight-forward, easy to set-up and easy to use. This program is designed to be used by leagues where teams compete against other teams according to a set schedule. We refer this program as our "standard golf league program".

If you are starting a golf league or are new to golf leagues in general we recommend reading our article on "How to Start a Golf League". This article provides some very useful information.

The standard golf league program has many features. The following is a listing of the main features.


Your league can be a 9-hole or 18-hole league.

You may play as individuals or as teams. There can be 2 or 4-player teams.

Team players are ranked by handicap so that the A-player on one team plays against the A-player of the opposing team, B plays B, etc. This applies when subs are used also. An option is provided that allows you to override the ranking system and rank team members however you prefer.

You may divide your league in flights if you wish. Up to 4 flights are possible.

You may also divide your league play by halves or quarters.

You may score your league rounds by hole or by total score.

The program will automatically create a schedule for you based on the number of teams and rounds of play that you specify. You may add position rounds and championship rounds which will automatically determine pairings based on standings or you can set your pairings manually. You can add non-league rounds to your schedule such as league meetings, banquet, etc.


There are several options for how you may use courses in your league. Your league schedule will accommodate all options and provide you with editing capabilities.

You may add an unlimited number of courses.

For 9-hole leagues you can play the same nine each week, alternate front and back nine each week, play the front and back nine each week, alternate 3 different nines each week, alternate 4 different nines each week or play a different course each week. You can edit the scheduled nine to be played at any time.

For 18-hole leagues you can play any course at any time.


You may add an unlimited number of players.

You may include contact information for all your players and keep track of dues paid.

The program includes a player roster, a team roster and a sub roster.

You can allow your players to log in to view reports such as weekly league reports, standings, scoring history, handicap report, scheduled pairings, league rules, current announcements, etc. They are not able to add, edit or delete any information.

A second type of login is offered which will allow you to have a back-up for entering scores, etc. We call this a "Captain" login. Captains are able to add, edit and delete information.


The program currently more than 25 different handicap systems along with options for stroke control, percentage of handicap allowed and maximum handicap.

Stroke control methods for handicap calculation purposes include double bogey max, triple bogey max, twice par and the USGA equitable stroke control method.

Handicaps are automatically and immediately updated whenever a new score is added.

If your league uses official USGA handicaps, you can enter your index values for each player and the program will automatically calculate course handicaps for the course being played. Index values are saved so you would only have to enter them when they change.

The program includes an option to add previous player scores in order to establish a starting handicap or to augment an existing one.

You may save handicap data for the following season if you prefer.


Scorecards are included in the program. They will include your course information, tee times, player names, handicaps and tick marks on those holes where a player receives strokes.

A message section is included at the bottom of the scorecard to allow you to include a brief message to your league.

A scorecard edit function is included to allow you to add a sub in place of a scheduled player or indicate a player as blind.


Our current options for points allows for a mix of match and medal play by individuals and teams. There are also options best ball scoring, Stableford scoring, and Combined Team Scoring.

For match play, you can play points by hole won or points for the most holes won.

For medal play, you can play points by gross score or points by net score.

Other Options

You can choose to display the player with lowest gross score and lowest net score on your league report.

You may also choose to play gross and net skins. You can further select only those players who wish to participate in skins.

You may also choose to display those players who were closest to the pin on par 3's.

You may also choose to display long drive and long putt on any hole you prefer. Up to four each are possible.

An email system is provided to allow you to easily communicate with your league members.


The program includes a "Getting Started" page to help you get set up and navigate the program.

Page-specific help sections are included to let you know what you can do on that page and tips for doing so.

We also offer help via email or phone.


All of the above features are included in our standard golf league program for only $45 per year.

We use PayPal for our billing transactions. We do not accept or store your credit card information. PayPal provides secure transactions on their website on our behalf. You do not have to be a PayPal member to use this service. If you prefer a different method of payment just let us know.

Register today for a free trial of our golf league software. You'll be glad you did.

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